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Regular and Intermediate

      Regular Program      (Beginners 6-9)

       Intermediate Program       (Ages 9-10)

This is where a strong foundation is built to allow our students to progress onto higher levels of play. All of the basic movements of the goaltender will be covered. Having strong fundamentals will allow the goalie to change and adapt as the game around them change.

Continues to build on the fundaments we have implemented in the Regular program. Leaving out much of the very early basics of the Regular program, we begin refining the butterfly and all of its accompanying elements is the primary objective for the Intermediate level.

An Average Day

  • Instructor-to-student  ratio is 3 to 1 with a maximum count of 12 goalies per half ice.

    First  ice-time will be 75 minutes in length that will contain Power Skating for goalies, lessons on Technique as well as Perfecting Movements.

    Dryland session each day will be 60 minutes in length specially designed for postural and restorative exercises to improve core strength and mobility.

    DVD sessions will be 30 minutes in length where the students will watch one of the 10 volumes each day. These DVDs are also available to be purchased during the camp or on line.

    Second  ice- time is 90 minutes in length and will combine everything that they have learnt during the morning session and put it into a practical by having situational drills using a puck machine as well as shooters. Each student will be filmed and critiqued by the instructor for the take home student DVD.

    Lectures will be 30 minutes in length and range from a wide variety of topics that may include Forward Motion, Successful Tryouts, Confidence, Being a Number One Goalie, Nutritional lecture.