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Volume 1 - Introduction to Goaltending

Overview Training Good Goalies: Specifically built for coaches and goaltenders from the beginner to intermediate level.

Volume 2 - Angles and Positioning

Overview Angels & Positioning: Specifically built for coaches and goaltenders to provide a better understanding of angles and positioning.

Volume 3 - The Complete Butterfly

Overview of The Complete Butterfly: Specifically built for coaches and goaltenders to help them understand the different movements and when they should be applied.

Volume 4 - Forward Motion

Overview on Forward Motion Specifically built for goalies and coaches to help them understand what Forward Motion is and how to correctly apply it to the goalies game.  

Volume 5 - Transition

Overview on Puck Handling: This video clip is an overview of what you will see in the GITN volume 5 "Transition" showing the goalie and coach the importance of puck handling and assisting in the teams overall transition out of their zone using the goalie.

Volume 6 - Playing A System

Overview Of A Goalie System: These video shows the goalie and coaches the benefit to creating a system for the goalie to play under which is dependent upon their individual strengths and weaknesses.


Volume 7 - Power Skating

Overview On Power Skating For Goalies: In addition to the power skating overview it will also show the importance of inside edges complete with exercises to help guide the goalie and the coach through some basic power skating.


Volume 8 - Explosive Power

Overview Off-Ice Workouts: This clip is an overview of the off ice workout video GITN volume 8 “Explosive Power” including explosive movement exercises using balance boards. Designed for both the goalie and the coach.


Volume 9 - A Game Of Control

Overview Of A Game Of Control: This Clip shows helping the goalie and coach understand the importance of controlled movement in the net and how it can provide more consistency in the goalies game.

Volume 10 - The Dreaded Goalie Slump

Overview On The Goalie Slump: Helping the goalie and coach understand what happens when a goalie goes into a goalie slump.