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Dynavision Peripheral Training


Dynavision new at Gold in the Net. First of its kind in the region offering concussion baseline testing for athletes and non-athletes.

Providing the best hockey goalie training is nothing new at  Gold in the Net in Brockville but what is new is the addition of a revolutionizing tool to do this with. The Dynavision D2 has proven itself to be of great value at other Gold in the Net branches and now there is one here for you to take advantage of. The D2 is taking goaltenders to a new level.

“I am very excited to bring Dynavision to Gold in the Net Ontario,” says owner Mats Baribeau. “Dynavision will make goalies better and many other athletes better as well.” Click here for Dynavision pricing. Why not combine off-ice training on our Dynavision with your on-ice drills?

Dynavision at our facility Gold in the Net Ontario

Any elite goalie must excel at hand-eye coordination, peripheral awareness, cognitive processing ability, visual reaction time, decision making under stress and concentration under fatigue.

Goaltenders that train on the D2 track pucks better, have the ability to read the play more consistently, react to rebounds faster, have improved focus, increased field of vision to see opposing players and perform better under stress.

Dynavision is a five-by-five foot flat electronic box with a small screen in the center and five circles of lights around it. Commands and lighting patterns are set by our instructors and based on the person training at the time.

The light board is designed to train visual-motor skills and cognitive reaction skills while it measures performance and records the data to track improvement.

And Dynavision is not just designed for high performance sports but also for medical rehabilitation.

“We offer concussion baseline testing for athletes and non-athletes. This gives you results to go back to in case an injury occurs so you have something to compare with, asses the severity and design a training program towards recovery,” said Baribeau.

Click here for more information on Dynavision concussion management.

Dynavision training can help a hockey goalie see more of the ice and the players around while focusing on the puck at the same time. It can help a quarterback see the whole field, while focused on the down field receivers. Baseball batters process the pitched ball’s movement more quickly, resulting in more hits. The Dynavision training routines are customizable, with sport-specific programs for athletes of every level.

In this article published in Sports Illustrated members of a college football team in Cincinnati describe how Dynavision helps them keep concussions in check and how the application of Dynavision work outs has evolved from not only treatment after a concussion to prevention.

Contact us for more information and how to book time with the Dynavision. Click here for Dynavision pricing.

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