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British Columbia

Gold in the Net-British Columbia

Welcome to Gold in the Net - BC. We are a family owned business that provides a range of training & consulting for ice hockey goaltenders. Our training programs are modern to accommodate today's evolving goaltender and methods of training.
We are here to make YOU better, through constant support, modern technology, over 100 years of combined hockey coaching, and training facility’s & camps near YOU.

Speaking of YOU…
At GITN “Your success is our goal”, we are here for you. Each time you step foot on our ice, or into our classroom it becomes our goal to provide you with more knowledge, skills, and motivation to help you become better.


Isaac & Sam Stevens

Parksville Training Centre

1006 Herring Gull Way, Parksville BC V9P1R2

Monday to Thursday 9 - 5 PM

Friday 9 - 12 PM

Saturday & Sunday - By Appointment

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